Our Projects

Children’s Center

Nassson Mazengo and Anna Masi, teachers at the kindergarten in C

Chamwino Connect supports the Children’s Center located in Chamwino Ikulu, Tanzania. The goal of the center is to provide a strong educational foundation for the fifty children whose families cannot afford to send their children to school. The center prioritizes learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, and language learning in Cigogo (the local language), Kiswahili and English. Arts, music, dance and outdoor activities are part of the daily curriculum.


Chamwino Connect provides scholarships for secondary school education. Students are picked by their teachers based on their performance in school, love of learning and financial need. Scholarships help pay for the fees of uniforms, meals, books and other expenses.

Secondary School Library

E-reading session, form one and form four, at Chamwino Secondary

We support the local secondary school’s library by providing educational resources for students and teachers. In partnering with Worldreader and donors, the library now has e-readers, books, computers and internet available. The library is used daily by teachers, students and is also open to the community.

Chamwino Arts Center

The Wagogo music festival is an annual event in Chamwino started by Kedmon Mapana to continue teaching the richness of the Wagogo culture through their music. The event brings together people from surrounding villages to perform their music, dance, hold workshops, and teach the future generations the strong roots of their culture. Chamwino Connect raises funds for the Wagogo Music Festival. More information about the arts center can be found at www.chamwinoarts.org

Exchange Visitsdsc03665

Several members of Chamwino Connect Board have visited Chamwino and a few stayed longer to work with the people. In 2010, five leaders of Chamwino village and of St. Peter’s Anglican Church came to Seattle on an exchange visit. The most important aspect of our partnership is having a deep understanding and respect for each other.