Our Projects

Educational Scholarships


Chamwino Connect provides scholarships for students to attend secondary school and university. Students are picked by their teachers based on their performance in school, love of learning and financial need. Scholarships help pay for the tuition fees, course materials, and other expenses. CC has been providing scholarships for 10 years to students in Chamwino and we are now seeing the impacts these scholarships. Many of the students we have supported have completed their higher education which brought opportunities to pursue rewarding and well paid careers.


Secondary School Library

E-reading session, form one and form four, at Chamwino Secondary

We support the local secondary school’s library by providing educational resources for students and teachers. In partnering with Worldreader and donors, the library now has e-readers, books, computers and internet available. The library is used daily by teachers, students and is also open to the community.

Chamwino Arts Center

CAC works actively in the community of Chamwino to educate through the Arts. Specifically, their mission is preserving and promoting ngoma (singing, dancing, drumming,and social cultural stories) as a focus on identity, culture and education for successful transition to a contemporary world. They do this through cultural exchanges with other arts programs around the world, youth capacity building projects, and an annual music festival.  Chamwino Connect has joined CAC to form a truly unique partnership that works with youth of Chamwino in learning their identity, culture and bringing quality education opportunities. More information about the Arts Center can be found at www.chamwinoarts.org20130804-IMG_4105-950x633