Tanzanian Staff

We are fortunate to have a long standing local staff in Tanzania who work hard to move education forward in Chamwino Village and care deeply about the students they work with. We are privileged to work with each of them. Here are recent photos and interviews by Annie Hund during her visit to Chamwino in July 2016 (thanks Annie!).

Nasson Mazengo, Project Coordinator / Teachernasson2

Nasson has been with Chamwino Connect since 2007. He is a teacher at the Children’s Center and overall project coordinator for Chamwino Connect. His favorite part about being with Chamwino is teaching the children. Although he never received formal training, his experience with children makes him an amazing teacher. He is the ultimate entertainer. He unashamedly acts like a goof to get the kids to laugh, always making learning more fun. He’s married and has 6 kids. His favorite part about being with Chamwino is teaching the children. When asked what makes him happy, he said, “Working… I’m flexible to work anywhere.”

Rehema Chibutu, Treasurer

rehema2Rehema is the quiet leader. Her role is treasurer. She’s been at the Children’s Center since March 2008. She got her experience working with math and numbers in her small business. Her other job is agriculture; she has a farm and grows corn. She’s also married and has 6 beautiful children. Her favorite thing about working for Chamwino Connect is when she records everything she’s done so it stays organized and shows how much has been accomplished over the years.  When asked what makes her happy she said, “spending time with the kids at the Children’s Center and being in choir at church.” Rehema is an active member at St. Peter’s Anglican Church.

img_0415John Sembeguli, Bank Signatory 

John is a signatory and overall plays a support role to the Chamwino Connect Tanzania staff. He is a tall man with an impressive presence and has caring and devoted personality. He and his family attend St. Peter’s Anglican Church, the host site of the Children’s Center. John is a well respected elder in the community.

Anna Masi, Teacher

Anna Masi, a teacher at the kindergarten in Chamwino village.Teacher Anna is spunky, loud, and incredible with kids.  You’ll find her dancing when no one else is. She does whatever she can to get the kids engaged—and it works. Anna has worked as a teacher at the Children’s Center for 6 years. Before that, she was the Sunday school teacher. Her favorite part about teaching is math and writing, specifically when the kids react well to it and really understand it. She loves when the school coordinator comes to take the kids who are ready to move on in their schooling, because she knows she contributed to their success. Outside of teaching, she runs her own small business cooking mandazi (fried bread like a doughnut) and selling it in the village, as well as being a mom to 4 great kids. When asked what makes her happy, she said, “as long as my family is healthy and well, I’m joyful.”

Yohana Masenha, Cookyohana2

Yohana has been a cook for six years. He’s married and has 5 kids. He is also a farmer and grows corn maze, sunflowers, and groundnuts. His favorite part about being a cook for the Children’s Center is cooking for the kids because he cooks with “so much love.” His favorite thing to cook is pilau (spiced rice). He may be shy but he loves well and is an extremely hard worker.

Zilipa Mtimila, Cook

Zili Pamtilmila at the kindergarten in ChamwinoZilipa has been cooking for the Children’s Center for 6 years. Zilipa and Rehema typically gather the food together to cook for the children at lunch time. Zilipa also farms and grows corn, millet, and sometimes sunflowers. She’s married and has 10 kids. Her favorite part about cooking for the kids are when the kids are satisfied, happy, and enjoying the food. When asked what makes her happy she said, “when there is a good harvest. I know the whole year will be good for my family.” You’ll find her joking around and smiling constantly. Zilipa wants to thank Chamwino Connect Tanzania for providing money for her family.