11th Cigogo Music Festival!

Going on past a decade now,  the 11th Cigogo music festival will be held from July 26th to the 29th at Chamwino District in Dodoma Tanzania! The Chamwino Arts Centre Staff, Chamwino Connnect and many community members are hard at work in Chamwino preparing for the event.  As one of the leading tradition festival in Tanzania, the festival is expected to promote the Tanzanian and African culture as always using Ngoma as a medium. The event is an inclusive and educational event that passes on the Ngoma culture down to the next generation.64545808_2237367896574790_7892865965409435648_o64241200_2232309857080594_2188728669915054080_n

This festival keeps on getting better each year and is gaining respect internationally.  More than 35 groups are expected to participate and show their unquestionable talent and devotion to art and culture. This year festival will not feature any theme as the host CAC wants to experience the actually traditional music without boundaries that are usual limit the creativity of the artists.

Stay tuned for more updates as the festival kicks off later this month!