Gettin’ Crafty

In July 2014, Chamwino Connect partnered with the World Reader program to help encourage the culture of reading and learning in the local school and greater community of Chamwino, Tanzania. Worldreader is a non-profit organization that delivers e-books to people in the developing world. To date, we have been able to purchase 75 e-readers for the school. Each e-reader holds multiple digital books in both English and Kiswahili, the local language in Tanzania.

Chamwino- Lexi2

At Chamwino Connect, we thrive on the generosity of others. Be it big or small, any amount of time or money given can make an unprecedented impact, including the inspiring story of sixteen-year-old Lexi Goslin from New Jersey. After hearing that we were raising money for e-readers in the local library, Lexi decided she wanted to help.

“I didn’t know how I would do that. My dad and I talked. We thought we could take the money from the craft show and go toward it. My dad’s work was able to match it” Lexi said in her interview last week.

This was Lexi’s second year entering the Holiday Craft Show at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South. This time, however, she put out a sign explaining that she was accepting donations to help children in Chamwino through the e-reader program.

“A lot of people thought it was really cool that I was donating to that, so people gave me extra donations.”

Among other crafts, Lexi created mini-sleds, snowmen, yarn hats, and Christmas scenes in wine glasses. She enjoys the preparation and seeing the whole display come to life.


After talking to Lexi I was inspired by her willingness to use her gift, creating beautiful crafts, for a bigger purpose. By the end of the show, Lexi could provide the Chamwino Connect Library with 3 e-readers!

We truly believe education is the key to a better life, and we’re thankful that a young girl took a generous step toward furthering that opportunity in Tanzania. You’re never too young to make an impact. And in the words of our dear friend Lexi, “I learned that sometimes it’s more important to give than to get.”

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