Desks for Schools

Students, get to your desk!

Imagine going to elementary school and sitting on the concrete floor all day. Until this year, the majority of classrooms in the three Chamwino primary schools had no desks. The major shortage of desks has driven parents to advocate for a better learning environment for their children. In doing so, the community raised $5,000 to buy 200 desks. In partnership, Chamwino Connect donated $3,750 to buy 150 more desks.



In total 350 desks were able to be purchased with each desk accommodating 3 students which means 1,050 students no longer have to sit in discomfort on the floor! Improving the standards of education is sometimes intangible, but these desks will bring a better learning environment to students every day.

Not only did this project improve the quality of education in Chamwino, but benefited local businesses in Chamwino as all the desks were hand built by businesses in the village.IMG_1351

Thank you to all of our faithful donors who enabled us to come alongside the community to make this project a possibility. Together, we were able reach this goal and improve the quality of education in Chamwino!