Fundraiser Update and Video!

A huge thank you to everyone who turned out for the Chamwino Connect spring fundraiser! We were honored to feature Kedmon and Pendo Mapana who shared with us a taste of Wagogo music and a bit of their story. Check out this awesome video one of our attendees made for us after the event! 

We cannot thank the Tanza-Seattle group enough for funding and coordinating the delicious Tanzanian food we got to share together that evening. Also to the Tanza-Seattle group, thank you for coming out and joining us, we are deeply grateful!

Thanks also to the many others who made the evening possible. Emmanuel for the space, many volunteers for set up, clean up, and hosting, and all the people who shared their evening with us!
That night, Kedmon shared how education has been the key to life. He shared how his parents didn’t have enough money to even buy shoes all the way through primary school and that at one point he was sent home from secondary school because they didn’t have $8 for a tuition fee. 
In 1993 Kedmon was asked to teach African song and dance to a visiting Swedish choir, Nova Cantica. He did a great job, and the choir loved their time with him. The choir heard about him being sent home from school because he lacked the $8 tuition fee. They decided to sponsor his education and he became the first one in his village to go on and graduate with a B.A. Today he has a PhD in education with a focus in music education and ethnomusicology from Seattle Pacific University. He has dedicated his life to paying back his community by supporting different education programs for those, who like he was, are in need.
Kedmon also shared this with us:
When I say education is a key to life I mean it. Today I can take care of my family and my mother. My dad died in 1998. My mother is so happy and always she shares a story with me on how it was difficult to raise me. At some point when I was 5 years old I was so sick and my mom had no any access to medical as the health center was far and she didn’t have even clothes to put on me or to use to carry me on her back and send me to the health center. She sat under a big tree and cried asking God if possible to take me. Today my mom thanks God and those who have helped me to go to school and today I have a good job teaching at the University of Dar Es Salaam.
This is what Chamwino Connect is about. Kedmon’s vision and our own is about sharing some of our extra resources and connecting people across world. Do you have a talent, idea, time, or financial gift you too could share? Interested in visiting Chamwino? We would love to hear from you! 
We leave you  with more inspiration from Kedmon: