2000 Families Receive Food in Chamwino

Thank you to all who donated to our emergency food relief campaign! We received a staggering $20,780 in support, more than double our goal. With the money we raised, Chamwino Connect was able to provide 10-15 kg bags of maize and 1-1.5 kg bags of beans to 2000 families in Chamwino just as the food shortage reached its most dire point for many families. As result of doubling our goal, the village council will be able to provide relief in coming months to more families who need additional help.

There were numerous individuals whose generous donations helped us reach this goal as well as two grants. One Day’s Wages, an organization working to alleviate extreme global poverty, partnered with us in a matching grant campaign. They matched $5,000 raised on their website for a total of $10,000 for food in Chamwino! About a week after that, we were awarded an $8,500 grant from MacDonald Miller Facility Solutions, a generous commercial mechanical construction company in Seattle. The support from these two organizations added to the generosity of our individual donors to make this emergency campaign a success.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your generosity, and instead of more words from us, we would like to share several stories from Chamwino residents:

Story 2


Hilida: My family and I were very happy to receive the food relief aid. We were even happier because we got not only maize but also beans. Usual when people provide food relief aid they do not think of providing mboga (any stew that goes together with ugali) they always provide maize. You can’t eat Ugali without mboga. This was very nice. We do thank all those who in one way or another gathered their strength to help us. God bless them.



Story 1

Julia: I have three children, two girls and one boy. The food relief aid was very helpful. The aid came at the right moment when we were real hungry. This year the rain was raining very well. However, it left before the crops were ready.

Story 3


Ernesti: This food relief aid was like a miracle from God. My wife and I had no any idea where we were going to get food in the next day. The day after we received food, we went at Nasson’s house to say thank and asked him to send our thanks to the American people.




As Hilida mentioned, most food relief that has come through Chamwino in the past only provides maize but does not provide beans for making stew to go with it, an important part of meals in Chamwino. The community was very happy that we were able to provide not only maize but also beans.

Thank you again to all those who contributed, and please remember that 100% of our donations received (after bank fees) go to our programs. You bought a meal, or several, for families in need. Thank you.

And lastly, if you would like to see the food distribution, here is a short video: