One Day’s Wages to Partner in Food Relief

We are excited to share that we are partnering with One Day’s Wages (ODW) to meet our goal of raising $10,000 in our food relief campaign!  ODW has agreed to match all donations made through their website (up to $5,000):  Here’s a link to donate:

One Day’s Wages funds projects on the ground to fight extreme global poverty, and they agreed to support Chamwino Connect’s campaign to raise $10,000 to feed the most desperate families in Chamwino. We hope you will join us in helping Chamwino during this time of famine.

To learn more about ODW, check out their website:

Update: The rains have come in the Dodoma region and so the crops have begun to grow again, but food from the farms is still several weeks out.  Now is the most critical time for food relief in the Dodoma drought season.