Update on Food Relief Campaign

There is still a huge need for immediate food assistance in Chamwino. The village counsel has updated us that there are more than 800 elderly individuals and 500 families in the Chamwino area who are agriculture dependent. Last year’s drought destroyed much of their harvest and they are truly struggling to secure food right now.

Chamwino Connect is working in collaboration with the Chamwino Arts Center and the village counsel to provide food to these families.

We also received word last week that the Tanzanian government stepped in to provide some support to the people in this area. Chamwino lies within the greater Dodoma region which has all been affected by the drought. The government has been able to provide families with 10 kg of corn flour which will last for about one week.

It’s estimated that February and March will be the most difficult months for struggling people as they run out of food and wait for the new harvest to come. We are continuing to ask for your support to help bring relief to the most underserved families in this area.

We have already raised over $1,600 to directly support food relief in Chamwino. Please help us reach our goal of $10,000 by end of February.