Emergency Fundraiser to Fight Hunger

We just received alarming news of a drought that is causing a severe famine in the Dodoma region of Tanzania, which includes Chamwino. The situation is so bad that people are eating screw-worms because of the lack of food. The relentless drought this past year destroyed the harvest for many families in Chamwino and the surrounding areas.

While emergency relief funding falls outside our ordinary mission, we feel this is an exceptional situation that we need to take action on because of our commitment to the community. Bottom line: we plan to respond by raising money to feed the most desperate families in Chamwino. We are immediately launching a side campaign to raise funds for emergency relief aid.

Here is a breakdown of the need and how we plan to respond:

  • Need: Hundreds of people in the Chamwino area are struggling to find food and feed their families right now. The months of February and March are when people will be suffering most because they are the last months before the new harvest comes.
  • Goal: Raise $10,000 to purchase sacks of corn flower and beans for 200 families. This will provide a 1-2 month supply of food. We are partnering with the Chamwino Arts Centre who is on the ground working with local officials to select the neediest families and distribute the food.
  • Donations can be made directly to Chamwino Connect through Paypal or by check. Send checks to: 7302 28th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126. Please note “Food Relief” on all donations designated for this relief fund.

Please consider supporting this effort to support Chamwino during this time of drought and famine. The money we raise will go directly to buying food in Chamwino.